Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Great Summit

The Youth Entitlement Summit on June 16-17 was an absolutely amazing experience. I very much appreciated the opportunity to hear from policy experts of a vareity of points of view and discuss and debate the many issues related to refomring social security, healthcare and the federal budget with engaged young people from diverse ideological and partisan backgrounds. I think in many ways political posturing has been treated as of greater importance than governing and addressing critical issues facing our country. As an independant, I was impressed with a group of panelists from across the ideological spectrum being able to discuss policy in a meaningful way without name calling, obfuscation, or meaningless rhetoric.

I'm excited to continue our discussions and build on what we started over the last few days. It is incredibly important that we not be afraid to engaged those who may, or do, disagree with us and attempt to find some common ground or opportunity for compromise, there is too much at stake. I think we should find way to keep our own discusions going, while at the same time take the message out to others about the universally ackowledged situation with entitlement programs and the federal budget. These, and other issues, are beyond the ability of either party to solve on their own.

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The Juanster said...

IMO, the best solution to appear on the American Budget radar screen snce the inception of this nation, are the proposals contained in the current bills before the House and Senate. They are SR1025 and HR25, aka The Fair Tax No one seems to want to discuss the feasability of the American Worker keeping all of their earned income as the soluton to this budget snafu. I would suggest an indepth reading of the Fair Tax proposals and then applying those proposals to the game now being played.